Proud of our industry background and widespread knowledge spanning back to 1996, “the dawn of the internet”, saw our owner Robert Johnson create, and obtain, several prominent domains and subsequent businesses. As well as pioneer online products that are considered the norm in today’s online world. Namely, and the first prototype online food ordering system,

The extensive knowledge gained from owning and running these multi Million Pound projects, as well as the attainment of a 1st Class Honours degree in Marketing predominately; online marketing, brand management, operating systems and consumer buying behaviour, we feel provides us with the advantage over that of the marketing team of your competitors.

Along with our Inhouse graphic designers and master’s in computer science skilled programmers; who are not only highly qualified, but also have decades of experience to successfully provide for your online business needs, A team since the early days of The phone book and we have all remained a team since 2005.

Welcome to Smash Local

A few facts to consider before taking any steps towards achieving your online goals, and that may relate to your current dilemma.

  • Successful online marketing understands how to communicate and reach, the target market segment, with the creation of a plan. From that plan, comes the structure of your website. Then, and only then, is the design and construction of the website, to reach and communicate the message initiated. Not, the other way around, resulting in repeated site re-builds
  • The use of Pay Per Click, isn’t building a long-term future for your online business. As when your top up runs out, you disappear from the search engine. You are in-fact therefore building on sand and not building a tangible online presence, with financial value. A SME plumber for example, needs to think about his or her long-term exit strategy. A well-constructed and marketed website has an excellent sell on value. As it generates business.
  • Graphic designers and web designers can do a fantastic job; however, they are not online marketers. What they have built unfortunately might need to be adapted or rebuilt, to achieve your goals and dreams.
  • Google Bot costs Google. Make sure your site doesn’t take too long to trawl because of poor code and the use of tables. Stay away from WordPress its technically a Lego set and not coding.
  • We don’t Google it, then go to an online directory such as yell and search again. We just Google it
  • As you know, the way we shop has completely changed. We are thumb or finger push consumers.
  • Search engine product or service searches, unlike social media browsers, are consumers ready to buy, there and then. Its that important to the achievement of your goals.


Our extensive range of services provide a “one stop shop” for your online marketing needs. Catering for the needs of your business regardless of its current life cycle position, from the introductory phase, right through to the maturity of the business. Investing in your online business is no different than investing in real estate. It is all a tangible assist, with value. So, invest wisely to ensure maximum ROI

Domain Name Registration
We assist with creating great unique domain names then register and manage them on your behalf ensuring 99.9% uptime. (SEO benefits are prominent during this process).

Web Design, Programming, Mobile Apps
Our reliable team of veteran programmers with industry knowledge and experience spanning back to 1988, master’s in computer sciences and real time Wall Street trading systems, allows us.

Branding / Logo Design
Branding is an essential part of business. A strong brand, that is easily recognisable to your market segment, coupled with strong corporate values and service.

Graphic Design
Our in-house designers create the following: Logo’s, Website layouts, Menu’s, Brochures, Flyers etc.

The knowledge, experience and qualifications gained by our Marketing specialists enable us to successfully provide a service that does what it states on the tin.

Website Audit
And you thought online Marketing was easy! We complete an intensive and complete audit of your existing website, producing an emailed, detailed report.

SEO Position Reporting
Our detailed report Tracks every single targeted keyword or keyword phrase on multiple search engines in any country or multiple countries.

Hosting & SSL
We provide hosting services with 99.9% uptime for only £75 per annum with three free 2g email accounts.

Email Marketing
Need to run a Bulk email campaigns for your business? We will run unlimited opt in Campaign on your behalf and send you a detailed report.



Simply put, we are a customer orientated and focused company, who go the extra mile as standard. We want to hear from you! Situated in the heart of South Staffordshire, we are perfectly located, all be it surrounded by sheep, to meet with you at your offices, which we feel allows us to get a feel for your business immediately, and so establish your corporate values quickly and get down the details of your requirements. Rest assured, we can help you!



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